Accommodation for your peace of mind

We are an ecotourism boutique hotel that respects the environment,

we remember that all our comforts during your stay are organic.

What includes?

It includes a room with a king size bed.
A bathroom with tub at the top floor.
Balcony, dining room and ocean view at ground floor.
Half bath at ground floor.
It also include a coffee maker and minibar.
Maximum 2 people.

Occupancy: 2 person(s)

Bed(s): 1  king size

Bath(s): 1 with a tub

Jacuzzi: No

View: Ocean

Great people here are working day and night, dedicated to elevate your experience of staying and holiday to whole new level – you can leave your daily work, routines, problems all behind, and let yourself enjoy the wonders of our ambiances.

"Beach" Villas

Testimonials & Reviews

What a beautiful experience and very pleasant staying was to be in at Aurora Suites - I've been to each and everyone of them, and always so satisfied to return, again and again ...
Joanna McDerry
regular visitor