COVID-19 Protocol



For staff:

  • Training and constant practice of safety and hygiene protocols.
  • Physical distance of at least 2 meters.
  • The body temperature of all employees is taken upon arrival and
  • Automatic antibacterial gel dispensers located at key points.
  • Sanitizing mats in high contact areas.
  • Hand washing at least every hour, for a minimum period of 20 seconds.
  • Personal protection with authorized equipment


For guests:

  • We take the body temperature of each guest. (Income, Day Pass & Visits to the restaurant)
  • We ask them to use the sanitizing mat, we invite them to wash their hands and we offer them antibacterial gel.
  • Your bags are sanitized.
  • We share with them all the safety and hygiene protocols.
  • We sanitize all contact points after your check-in or check-out. as well as the sanitization of the rooms every day of your stay.