Experience the most wonderful beach spa with our body treatments and therapies to help relax and achieve perfect physical balance. Our boutique hotel spa offers facials, a wide variety of massages, yoga, Pilates and Reiki. We believe in treating your body from the inside out, and that includes keeping a relaxed and nourished mind. Who said working out with Yoga was a sacrifice when you’re standing right next to the beach?

 Hotelito Mio unites the essence of the ancient and enigmatic pre-Hispanic cultures and shares the magic of its Temazcal with ceremonies and rituals our ancestors performed as their way of achieving harmony with nature and their gods. Feel the magic and relaxing sensation once you enter the room. You and your partner will feel cleansed from all stress and worries that might surround you.

Join our massage table afterwards for just the right finishing to your relaxing day. All the right oils, ointments and treatments are waiting for you. Our massage therapists are experienced professionals that will help you enjoy every moment. And just in case you fall asleep, we’ll make sure to wake you just before you’re next activity at Hotelito Mío is due.