Pool & Beach

Hotelito Mio is distinguished by our facilities and services. Hike through our private beach, enjoy the spectacular sunsets that characterize Banderas Bay and Vallarta’s beaches.
Our pool and beach services cater privacy and comfort to enjoy the peaceful getaway you seek. The pool is sitting right next to the ocean, so you can switch from fresh water to the relaxing movement of the waves whenever you feel like it. 

The area designated to chaise lounge chairs characterize Hotelito Mio as a unique escape surrounded by harmony, décor and all around magical place to forget the routine and enjoy life. Imagine spending your afternoon swinging in a hammock on the beach. The hours in a day will go by, the world will keep turning and you’ll be immersed in this state of complete and utter indulging and relaxation. 

 Hotelito Mio has everything to complement your vacation. Leisure activities include fishing, horseback riding, yacht trips, along with other beach adventures. If you are rather on the adventurous side, you can also book a kayak session with us. Dine with your partner up on the risk with a view of the private beach and share the fish you caught in the day. 

 Please inquire about our activities menu and tours at the Front Desk. We’re here to make your wished come true.