About Us

Hotelito Mío´s personality

We are a totally organic boutique, ecotourism hotel. Out of respect for the environment that shelters us, we invite you to join us.

To our philosophy, we have a  respect for the fauna and flora in which we are, located to make the aquifer structure known to you.

For the collection of water in Hotelito Mío in a rustic way so as not to create an environmental impact and through the aguaje, which is what collects our water, therefore the care and administration of it.

Like saving (turning off air conditioners and light that is not necessary).

We remind you that all the amenities used during your stay are organic, just like you when you take your bath, you will be watering the hotel gardens.

Help us to take care of it and be part of this paradise and respectful of fauna and flora, so let us remember that we are nestled part sea and part jungle.

Our second philosophy is the quality and warmth of our service, to make the guest feel at home.

The hotel also has a water treatment plant to avoid polluting our beautiful paradise.

We are an ecological hotel, so there are animals and insects inside the hotel, please respect.